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  1. BRIGHT SIDE 1 month ago

    A weak handshake 0:38
    Keeping your hands in the wrong position 1:25
    Chewing gum 2:15
    Avoiding eye-contact 3:01
    Playing with your hair 3:41
    Picking the wrong conversation topics 4:25
    Invading someone’s personal space 5:07
    Making distracting noises 5:49
    Constantly checking your phone 6:34
    Forgetting people’s names 7:23
    Being late 8:00
    The wrong attire 8:47

  2. XXXTENTACION 3 weeks ago

    8:54 what movie??

  3. Bono love 3 weeks ago

    Posture. If you don't walk with your shoulders back and stomach in you don't look confident.

  4. Bono love 3 weeks ago

    Also walking faster looks like you are healthier and like you can get things accomplished. Lethargic walking people look lazy and slow. When you are listening, you also need to affirm what the person is saying by nodding your head, to let them know you are listening, your on top of things or that you are interested. I guess I am speaking about job interviews. It could be used for many occasions though.

  5. IgnacioAgramonte 3 weeks ago

    TACTOOS !!!!!!!!!! ARE AWFUL………………..

  6. BradWietersen 3 weeks ago

    01:25 Hand position: How could anyone consider that a bad first impression? If someone merely had their hands lightly folded together on the table? Really? I guess Japan and India are a lot more strict, but Wow that seems strange! In North America, that seems like normal interview behavior.

  7. fernando Bacilo 3 weeks ago

    fake women

  8. Harneet Kaur 3 weeks ago

    Yaah thhnku sir it's reality

  9. Sibbs Mabusto 3 weeks ago

    Eye contact is a Western thing. I know for a fact that in most African and Asian cultures, looking at someone in the eye, especially when the person is older than you is viewed as disrespectful

  10. Akshay Ghorpade 3 weeks ago

    You Forgotten the main thing that is 'communication'☺ no.1

  11. Pushpindder Kumar 3 weeks ago


  12. Abdullah Almuhanna 3 weeks ago

    Im really awfol with first impression

  13. Tongpeleng 3 weeks ago

    Is it rude to ask the interviewers name?

  14. Rubina Ibraheem 3 weeks ago

    Does chewing gum make you look immature? I mean if does to teachers at school and we're not allowed to but dies if really cuz we all do it.

  15. Monster Barney 3 weeks ago

    Dinosaur impression

  16. Chea Pichey Virak 3 weeks ago

    u done well for your research and idk how those scientists or researchers found these facts cuz… r they stalking??? LOL XD

  17. Frank James 3 weeks ago

    First impression is for sukers

  18. Darshit Rupda 3 weeks ago

    When with friends or in a meeting, even keeping hands on your lap that means inside the table indicate that you are hiding something.

  19. mahmod sheikha 3 weeks ago

    Exaggerating things to show others how super you are , will also be an effective negatively

  20. Moving Forward 3 weeks ago

    Would you mind translating your videos into my own language?? And to be uploaded on youtube.

  21. Jamella Huston 3 weeks ago

    Bad breath is a DEAL BREAKER… It will come off as if you don't take care of your personal hygiene.

  22. Lucy Green 3 weeks ago

    Very true

  23. Raiden 2 weeks ago

    Emojis are cringe

  24. woow

  25. LINGALA VIKASH 2 weeks ago

    hiii for all of you

  26. LINGALA VIKASH 2 weeks ago

    all of you plz mlt members is tyhe best course

  27. ge gwaps 2 weeks ago

    Yeah.. Forgetting ones name really shameful

  28. Putra Bdt 2 weeks ago


  29. Pras G 2 weeks ago

    5:35 srsly?? left handed shake? now that's the #1 Thing to avoid, gives the impression that you're a recluse and just came out your mudhut.

  30. Swaggertunity 2 weeks ago

    Always be honest and learn to accept yourself as you are. If you can accept yourself as you are, you can become better and improve yourself,
    and perhaps the time will come you do not have to lie anymore about it, because you did better.

  31. I’ve lowkey been roasted at least 2375 times in this video. I’m doing everything wrong.

  32. speliotis 2 weeks ago

    additionally to how you appear is how you SMELL… DO NOT over do cologne or perfume… Better not to have any than to have someone respond badly to your scent.

  33. Kwan Iamwat 2 weeks ago

    Great! Thank you so much.

  34. Pravin Gates 2 weeks ago

    Stop this ad before ur vedio….

  35. Body language can ruin the first impression

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