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  1. Mr. Nightmare 3 months ago

    Sorry guys I know these reuploads are getting insane, this is a reupload from last night's video for those of you who don't know. There was a song use in the first story that was apparently not royalty free, so to avoid any issues I had to remove the video.

  2. Destiny Goodwyn 2 weeks ago

    One day i was walking home from school and an sranger walked up to me and ask me was my name Camille and i said no and she left somehow she got my Snapchat and she was on the map and followed me home i walked pass my house and i ran in the woods and i deleted my snap account the ends

  3. Shhsjs Sksk 2 weeks ago

    add me : breannaaa20

  4. Fari Mustofa 2 weeks ago

    Guess I’ll need to go to the store and get a pocketknife along with a shotgun.

  5. Mohamedpro424 Vloger 2 weeks ago

    Oooo spokie

  6. Lorenza Balotelli 2 weeks ago

    Been on ghost mode for a longgg time

  7. Lorenza Balotelli 2 weeks ago

    5:25 why that bit got 2 home buttons

  8. Gamerzzz 99 2 weeks ago

    deleting snapchat and looking trought all comments

  9. Sakupen [420hz] 2 weeks ago


  10. Climax Claw145 2 weeks ago

    All these stories remind me of is how Texas Chainsaw Massacre would have gone if the idiots writing the story knew anything about Texas.

    “Chainsaw guy” RAAAHHH!!!..

    “Everyone looking innocent” WHO DAFAQ ARE YOU?!

    “Chainsaw Guy” I am..

    *Chainsaw Guy is short in the head and neck so many times his head flies off, with his body clunking to a thud, blood and guts everywhere”

    “Everyone” Idiot. This is Texas. EVERYONE has a gun!

  11. Trent Lymper 2 weeks ago

    This is why I use ghost mode

  12. esteban plays 2 weeks ago

    Can u add me in snap??

  13. Amanda Volker 2 weeks ago

    When I heard the click on the beginning of the video I thought it was my snapchat 😂😅

  14. Ausaf Shah 2 weeks ago

    Holy shit!😖🤤😲

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  15. Ausaf Shah 2 weeks ago

    I'm watching this with the doors and windows closed and the blindfolds closed and hiding behind the sofa

  16. Elijah Fernandez 2 weeks ago

    Llama arts anyone? Mr nightmare and llama arts need to collab

  17. Nayeon Lover 2 weeks ago

    This is why I don't friend random people and holds a knife everytime i am all alone i grab the biggest one so i can chop their limbs off

  18. June Bug 2 weeks ago

    Literally got a snap right when I clicked the video 😂

  19. HeyIts_ Kay 2 weeks ago

    Story One:
    Only the really wired kids don't have Snapchat…
    And the kids who have EXTREMELY overprotective parents, and when they secretly had it their ex somehow always found their new account and constantly asked for nudes and sent them…that bitch was TINY!

  20. south siide 2 weeks ago

    This is why folks you have a gun at all times.

  21. Hailey _heartz 2 weeks ago

    Ok ghost mode it is

  22. Polygamer 4life 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys this wouldnt be real if the pics weren’t shown.

  23. Revoltaged Wind 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for doing your job Mr. Nightmare creepy creepy lol

  24. AJ Clips 2 weeks ago

    Snapchat me now @JSTmylv99

  25. Muscle Hamster 2 weeks ago

    I know I'm late on commenting, but what made you decide to use the kennedy high school lunchroom photo at 2:04? I'm only asking because I am from Minnesota and know a lot of kids who go to/went to kennedy high school.

  26. Lauryn Conde 2 weeks ago


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