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  1. AB 1 week ago

    Why do you always put up misleading photos? There is never a comment on your posted lead photo. It's deceptive, it's only to get people to your site, that's why I won't subscribe.

  2. mcf1gtr 1 week ago

    l think that they are just rely tall people that are just meeting echather

  3. Tom Wagner 1 week ago

    The "Ataka" is simply a whale whose lower jaw–made up of two very long horn-like bones–had decomposed. They aren't tusks: they're jaw bones. And any sea animal with a blow hole–which this had–is an air breather and would certainly have been spotted many times, as this whale no doubt was when it was alive. Yes, sperm whales dive deep to hunt, but they breathe air, which is why they aren't cryptids.

    And by the way, FUCK YOU or YouTube, whoever was responsible for planting that commercial mid-sentence near the end of the video. That is as cheap and scummy as you can get.

  4. Robert Bennett 1 week ago

    Bullshit or not?

  5. no 1 is like my unty,,,lol

  6. Sepha Jones 1 week ago

    This video is trash, No good content.

  7. Dan Hemsworth 1 week ago

    The last one is a whale with its bottom jaw split in two and exposed. It's obvious.

  8. ezeo22790 1 week ago

    Why did you call Egypt a city

  9. Andreanne Page 1 week ago

    this is cgi

  10. Miami Bad Boy BOSS 1 week ago

    What movie is the clip at 0:30 from?

  11. Devon Denny 1 week ago

    That's fucked up

  12. Devon Denny 1 week ago

    That gout

  13. MyKoL LoKyM 1 week ago

    Its the reflection of the fire, inverted. If camera had of stayed still, it never would have moved.

  14. MyKoL LoKyM 1 week ago

    Its the reflection of the fire, inverted. If camera had of stayed still, it never would have moved.

  15. Jan Van Eygen 1 week ago

    Number 1 and not even footage of it. Really not deserving of number 1

  16. Steven Poullath 1 week ago

    My my, The balls on that goat

  17. Bruno López 1 week ago


  18. jonyy soltis 1 week ago

    clickbait. change ur thumbnail, its misleading.

  19. demo yolo 1 week ago

    Lol giants that was simply forced perspective,which is when an object is closer to a camera then another in the background making it look taller

  20. Real:O

  21. Remember we only explored 3% of the sea

  22. Phillip Brewster 7 days ago

    there is much better actual video of that extinct dog

  23. Babee Bee 7 days ago

    The giants in egypt is well known in the middle east. Most outside the mid east won't ever hear about it much less see them. They work for the Egyptian military.

  24. Kon Gregate 7 days ago

    Everyone say it with me on three. One.Two.Three. CLICKBAIT!!!!!

  25. Levi Hall 7 days ago

    Top five clickbait/Midroll ads

  26. John Ledesma 7 days ago

    If the good graphic camera caught a ghost horse then why is it blurry on YouTube FAKE!!

  27. Erick Johnston 7 days ago

    #4 is just the cameras reaction to the bright flames

  28. Waddey Willyson 7 days ago

    This dude cares waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much about demon goats …..if you know what I mean…

  29. Kent Garcia 7 days ago

    Fake thumbnail, fuck you

  30. Dav Pri 6 days ago

    The Giants for sure

  31. velboy pulido 6 days ago

    the goat is actually cute

  32. AMANDEEP KAUR 6 days ago

    The ghost horse is dirt

  33. Fred Singleton 6 days ago

    Soon does that mean #1 just hasn't seen any lions to take it's form 😂 or can't because it's not the equivalent mass🤔🤔

  34. the violonist 6 days ago

    those are not tusks they are ribs .

  35. Anonymous 6 days ago

    the whales lower jaw was just decomposed and were spread apart

  36. Liff 6 days ago


  37. Chelsey Farris 6 days ago

    These videos r boring

  38. Erik Childers 6 days ago

    The whale thing is fairly easy to explain: that's just what whale jaw bones look like

  39. Crystal Chia 6 days ago

    Sciencetic are sick.

  40. Little good H 6 days ago

    the gost horse maibe be a fighter of a sprite of a Egyptian warrior

  41. Brett Spencer 6 days ago

    Ghost on a horse 😂😂😂😂😂😂, seriously? Looks nothing like it.

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