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  1. "Minecraft 2 confirmed"

  2. [YT] COM. TV 1 week ago


  3. mad Mike 1 week ago

    Знатный вышел могильничек )) но за труды держите лайкос.

  4. An Le 1 week ago

    Cog nhan may anh nay hay that

  5. Teerayut Nava 1 week ago


  6. Melanin Talks 1 week ago

    Such great teamwork.

  7. Brad G 1 week ago

    Still hate these brown ppl.

  8. Orawan Suansane 1 week ago


  9. Akshata Dessai 1 week ago

    Their coordination is just out of the world…
    What a briliant thinking.
    Bdw whos filming dem? Is this channel theirs or the one's whose filming dem?

  10. FoxiiStudios 1 week ago


  11. Abraham Mendez 1 week ago

    i can cook canned beefaroni 😀

  12. xChaotiCx1 1 week ago

    This is why I only play Minecraft on creative mode lol

  13. Hard work really does pay off

  14. Dancing King 1 week ago

    where are they from?

  15. CRAZY CALEB 1 week ago

    I wish I had there minds the are smarter than the average American

  16. CRAZY CALEB 1 week ago

    And very talented workers

  17. Clash Inc. 1 week ago

    Let's hope it don't rain lol

  18. Eleczi 1 week ago

    That’s a lit house

  19. Divo Galindra 1 week ago


  20. juju K 1 week ago

    Say hello to snakes

  21. Firdaus Izam 1 week ago

    I'd be sleeping after 10 minutes of digging. Haha

  22. Зачем покупать однокомнатку, если можно просто вырыть её ?)

  23. ItzRecapx 1 week ago

    Wow, i cant believe you did all that in 14 mins, so amazing!

  24. [ Josa ] 1 week ago

    T H E B A F F

  25. Vortex gamer 1 week ago

    I'm pretty sure they played minecraft before this

  26. 1chinkybambam 1 week ago

    I fell so bad for them at last they build a beautiful home for both of them. good job boys.

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