El Chombo – Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks (Official Video) [Ultra Music] Líder Toni 43996647900


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  1. dame tu cosita ah ah ah

  2. Connor Model RK800 2 weeks ago

    Is this 2018??

  3. Animals fun Amit 2 weeks ago


  4. Omar Avila Suazo 2 weeks ago


  5. ????????????? 2 weeks ago

    Que asco 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  6. juan lopez 2 weeks ago

    Fucking gay ass song fuck this shit

  7. Endo Boi 2 weeks ago

    Im done

  8. حمد زق 2 weeks ago


  9. TheRollal X 2 weeks ago

    ja ja ya no saben que inventar

  10. WolfyWolf 1239 2 weeks ago

    Worst idea ever man…

  11. Hadcrafter11 2 weeks ago

    ¿saben porque dice dame tu cosita? porque no tiene

  12. nixpix6616 2 weeks ago


  13. My classmates known that is Dirty

  14. Maximo Barenca 2 weeks ago

    Puta madre cancion de mierda

  15. María Sánchez 2 weeks ago

    Dame tu cosita es diabólico

  16. María Sánchez 2 weeks ago

    Dame tu cosita es muy divertido

  17. Que haces Paul ahi

  18. Dsvid Ggfghg 2 weeks ago


  19. SligoSham07 2 weeks ago

    Honestly I have bad nightmares as it is. Why the FK did I have to come across this. Equally haunting soundtrack as well as images . Fukn scared for life

  20. Whiskers Mlg 2 weeks ago

    Dame to cosita means give it to me in Spanish xD

  21. Ewen 2 weeks ago

    Its good a 2:33.

  22. Ajay Verma 2 weeks ago

    What ? Why? Looking? Don't even understand again What?

  23. NATALIE BLANDON 2 weeks ago

    Its starts at 3:00

  24. Lourdes Reyes Gomez 2 weeks ago

    yuyinsi Crus Reyes

  25. MGang TV 2 weeks ago

    dope check out this channel see if it's dope or trash God bless

  26. Cole Taylor 2 weeks ago

    And they say January memes sucked.

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