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  1. Jiiennilee Beltran 4 months ago

    Frigging love her and this song! Yas straight 90's vibes

  2. Amirra Lee 4 months ago

    I love. You

  3. Main Squad 4 months ago

    Road to 200 mil!

  4. Lei Tarako 4 months ago


  5. Aditi Rana 4 months ago

    this song has been stuck in my head and i finally found out the name of the song and ive been jamming to it ever since

  6. ss bh 4 months ago

    Finally some good music

  7. Amber Kipfmiller 4 months ago

    This woman is beautiful.

  8. Marie Allison 4 months ago

    go go get it while you can

  9. Ritoato 4 months ago

    is that the gr8 khalid next to amber rose?

  10. Renee 4 months ago

    ba di da doo boo'd up

  11. Martha Keebler 4 months ago

    Nice song

  12. Ray Debose 4 months ago

    boot up boot up bitch

  13. Look at the views on this one. 🔥🔥

  14. AlexMore 4 months ago

    Don't wanna be a buzzkill but she's British and I didn't know 😂

  15. Jo_CLuis 4 months ago

    Such a classic 🎧🔥

  16. Bernice Parker 4 months ago

    Ella mai is one of my favorite song writers

  17. Jordan Demars 4 months ago

    cant get enough of this song even after 1000 plus times hearing it

  18. Dank La Douge 4 months ago

    She looks like a viner….

  19. Sandy C. Savage 4 months ago


  20. Chris Claytor 4 months ago

    somebody leave me a phone number

  21. Angeles Garcia 4 months ago

    It sounds good on radio but on YouTube it sounds bad tbh

  22. Kyle Abjelina 4 months ago

    Aint never finna be old

  23. Tone loke 4 months ago

    Is this real music or what"

  24. Isaac_ TheKid 4 months ago

    Man I already listened to song already and everyone now just heard it

  25. animegenius PROD. 4 months ago

    Was that…Khalid?😂

  26. Quay305 4 months ago

    Listen while high then slow it down

  27. Rob Johnson 4 months ago

    I love this song!!!! Thanks Ella Mai.

  28. Galactic_Gamer YT 4 months ago

    Im a guy and I jam out to this, no shame…

  29. Chris Yu 4 months ago

    Came here cause Jay Park been listen to this recently.. thumb up

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