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  1. paris pink 5 months ago

    lets all not forget that she started out as gibbys gf

  2. pam zamudio 5 months ago

    I just think its hilarious how we spent so much money on brushes (well at least me) to look flawless and like models, and here we have an actual model using her fingers lmao ☠️😂

  3. Divadollnik_e 5 months ago

    Wow, into herself much?? I mean yeah she’s absolutely gorgeous but at the same time her personality blows! lol 😂

  4. pam zamudio 5 months ago

    Lord why are you so unfair?! her everything is perfect and I look like a potato lol

  5. lil angel 5 months ago


  6. ManOnThe Moon 5 months ago

    She's hot. the voice, her brows, her skin, like dude…chill lol

  7. changbaby 5 months ago

    imagine being this pretty

  8. Hell Fire 5 months ago

    Ugly with or without makeup!

  9. Keila SJP 5 months ago

    What shadows is she using!??

  10. koi fish 5 months ago

    Wow haha im ugly af 🤠😔

  11. Roshna Bismillah 5 months ago

    She is very Pretty

  12. Miss Lizardi 5 months ago

    gibby's girlfriend

  13. warm blankets 5 months ago

    it takes 5 minutes if you're naturally beautiful lmao

  14. them eyebrows are a bit biggg fam

  15. shendy almira 5 months ago

    this one is my favorite, how emily embrace her natural beauty ❤️❤️ well she always beautyful, but there isnt much celebrity that embrace it well and being insecure

  16. Taco Black 5 months ago

    ugly face ..

  17. Lana Delreyes 5 months ago

    Does anyone know which lipliner she used???

  18. hà My Nguyễn 5 months ago

    Why even bother putting make up on with that face?

  19. Koach Family 5 months ago

    Damla Altun'dan gelenler +1 skmxldödldöldld

  20. Panhandle Paranormal 5 months ago

    i literally just ordered every bit of this.

  21. obi wan 5 months ago

    she is jew

  22. Letitia M 5 months ago

    I actually really love the look!

  23. Kathryn Voges 5 months ago

    why do I get this vibe like she’s trying too hard to make her beauty seem effortless (she is effortlessly beautiful), but she seemed to try so hard lmao idk

  24. Lilian Schoot 5 months ago

    What color was the pat McGrath lipliner?

  25. PixePasia 5 months ago

    Emilia ratajowska in polish

  26. Marla Grálová 5 months ago

    wow interesting af

  27. Xerxes Mortem 5 months ago

    Gibby’s girlfriend?

  28. Edrina Redzuan 5 months ago

    anyone knows whats the highlighter she used?

  29. Shmood 5 months ago

    Her hair is a mess but her makeup is so good🔥

  30. Grace Rosen 5 months ago

    Step 1: be perfect

  31. breathe carolina 5 months ago

    Imagine being this pretty?????

  32. Ali Akbar 5 months ago

    she’s so fkn vain omg.

  33. Suman Shrestha 5 months ago

    My God, she's gorgeous!!

  34. w00borg 5 months ago

    im watching this high and just realizing how weird it is for female human beings to paint their faces. like if you take a step back and really think about the idea of makeup and how much people spend on it.. humans are interesting

  35. jacelynn 5 months ago

    5 minutes is nothing when you’re naturally beautiful
    It takes me like 3 hours to achieve like half of her beauty lmao

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