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  1. * What are the main differentials of i9life? *

    1- 35 perfume points in unilevel and 5 in binary (score 2 times).
    2- All products punctuate the binary.
    3- pay 30% in the binary.
    4- binary bonus paid weekly.
    5- repurchases all products in binary.
    6- pay from 9 to 25% in unilevel without limit of generations
    7- punctuation never zero in the binary.
    8- rewards in cash, travel and cars * REMOVED * imported when it reaches the accumulated score in the binary.
    9- Qualification in both unilevel and binary (2 paths)
    10- You do not need to qualify for any of the levels.
    11- Activation monthly 148.50 and scores 40 points in unilevel and pays 5.00 reais in 8 generations.
    12- division of profits from the first level of qualification (Divide with the base)
    13- the prizes won have no subsequent goals (hit led)
    14- products with imported technology.
    15- 100% Brazilian company.
    16- company director 100% committed to the success of the associates.
    17 – the registrations can be done with any of the kits and then migrate at any time (bonus everything again)
    18 – exclusive technology 1 ° AEROSOL PERFUME FROM BRAZIL 25% essence – 5x more fixation – constant maceration – no break – no leaks (we also have traditional glass perfumes)
    19 – Support material also scores
    20 – Perfect logistics (no lack of products)
    21 – Upgrade kit paying only the difference WHEN YOU DECIDE.
    22 – Associated with ABEVD
    23 – 1st Brazilian Company of MMN to launch in the US with physical headquarters running everything 100%
    24 – Headquarters in Peru and Colombia
    25 – Never changed your plan in 4 years

    👉Information by whatsapp or chat.
    Registration link
    Be an i9life distributor.

    Valdomiro Correa
    Mkt Manager I9life

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