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  1. RAYMOND AL 4 months ago

    All these ridiculous white people think that are pure, listen the only pure race is asians and native americans, I see that she is a racist and she felt bad when she found out the truth. IDK why people prefer to be white, i like some color in my skin.

  2. Ravin Jones 4 months ago

    Slave masters been doing it…..listen, nobody is just one race in 2018

  3. Bayou 504 4 months ago

    Her mom was doing what is called in New Orleans Plasa Blanc (pass for white).

  4. Heki Oh 4 months ago

    make up to bed = clogged pores no no no

  5. Cleo Taylor 4 months ago

    What does it matter in this day if what color you are??? You bleed red! If you need blood, that don't ask you what color you want they ask you what letters you are!

  6. Lance Link 4 months ago

    Driving home after this interview, she was pulled over by the Cops

  7. TootsiesCreationz 4 months ago

    Everyone in here needs to watch the movie A Family Thing.
    Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones are epic in this movie!!

  8. Vere Cartier 4 months ago

    Many "so-called Whites in America," if they'd be willing to take a DNA test, would "shockingly" learn that many of their ancestors had some "negroid" DNA, yet passed as "WHITE." Just because someone looks "WHITE," does not mean that they're 100%. DNA DOES NOT LIE!!!! It's in your genes and remains there forever!!! You reap what you sow, so accept it as a gift! A little melanin is good protection for your skin and your health!

  9. GUERRILLA SUNRISE 4 months ago

    Serpent Megyn Kelly is also a racist

  10. shannonfbc1 4 months ago

    That just sad 🙁

  11. clayfeathers 4 months ago

    The lady behind her thinks she’s doing the interview I think… her expressions and nodding is driving me crazy… distracting.

  12. A Laly 4 months ago

    I am just living for the woman in pink in the audience. Her reactions are everything.

  13. kdancer 1990 4 months ago

    It really is a different world now.

  14. Lord TiMzki 4 months ago

    her mouth look like marionette puppet mouth

  15. REBECCA Davis 4 months ago

    who cares

  16. REBECCA Davis 4 months ago

    what is black

  17. REBECCA Davis 4 months ago

    what is white

  18. REBECCA Davis 4 months ago


  19. Shyfly Gal 4 months ago

    People don't understand!! I truly understand!! Even in my day, I was judged being multi racial!! I now know I am African, European, Spanish, Native American and Asian and Middle Eastern so I am almost a mix of everything!! We are still judged!! People see you in any given situation & whites are accepted point blank for who they are, Minorities are judged!! End of story.. it's nothing more than stereotyping still in this world based on the dumbest thing we can't ever change and that is the Color of the skin!! So, if you are white 100% just sympathize & nod your head, cause you won't ever understand fully!! That is just the facts!!!

  20. Rosann M. 4 months ago

    This is a fascinating story. I first read about it on the Internet and now I am happy that I saw this clip on YouTube.

  21. dmaster225 4 months ago

    This reminds me of uncle rukus when he got that dna test that said he was black.

  22. Marc Jerkins 4 months ago

    Was this really story worthy? Megan Kelly's stock really dropped.

  23. Tamia 101 4 months ago


  24. Jay Boogie 4 months ago

    This shows you how racist and messed up this world is that someone needs to lie about their own race just to be accepted even now in 2018 people are still racist. I think if the forefathers would have never lied about everything that really happened in history and told the truth people will be shocked and I think it will help because to me it sounded like the government had a conspiracy to make whites the dominant race so they can control the country.

  25. Edward Garrison 4 months ago

    Southern Democratic KKK racists created the "one drop makes you black" Jim Crow law the South. The fact is that people of mixed race are 1/2 of one and 1/2 of the other. A white and black person can claim to be either white or black. The mother " passed" for white because She was white, too.

  26. Praveen Gautam 4 months ago

    Where is the next part?

  27. Josefa Hernandez 4 months ago

    This white people racist don’t matter if you are blue pink or yellow my beautiful grandma she was black I loved her so much I’m white like my other grandma I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️ much about the stupid color

  28. THA P. 4 months ago

    I love being black but in times like those, it's just way more opportunity if you were passed at white.

  29. Thekeyman1 4 months ago

    Well Well Well the bigot, was married to what he hated and didn't know it, oh well.

  30. Pharaoh Nefertiti 4 months ago

    To all people that think all black people looks only a certain way let this video shows you differently. I’m creole and my grandma looks white I mean Caucasian like really white. And she’s 100% black

  31. Uni Thinktank 4 months ago

    So this is what Megyn does now.

  32. solseventhorizon 4 months ago

    Some of my clothes are 20% polyester.

  33. Sofia Ramirez 4 months ago

    but why are all the colored ppl in the back row????

  34. Jean-Luc Charron 4 months ago

    boy it is incredible how racism is part of the American psyche…

  35. Niikki Ragland 4 months ago

    Passing away from. Beautiful

  36. PapaTom Thune 4 months ago

    Racism is a hopeless way of living! From a very early age, I confronted anyone who exhibited hatred toward any other person. That's part of the way I was brought up. I am a Nordic, European, American Indian, age 76. This video brought all of that back into sharp focus. The lady in central focus hear is not black, brown, red, yellow or any other color of the rainbow! She and the rest of the people of this world are all of the Human Race … period! End of discussion! ❤

  37. Anigroeg Gnik 4 months ago

    Maybe just a typo luv

  38. Liam Young 4 months ago

    Megyn is so cold and fake and unwatchable. Go back to Fox

  39. cow man68 4 months ago

    Ummm but see has white skin obviously but both her parents were ether black or mixed I don’t believe she the woman in the video is telling the truth

  40. swacfan100 4 months ago

    If you haven't seen (DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS) starring Denzel Washington, you should see it.

  41. Lizzie Dizzie 4 months ago


  42. Ginger Bailey 4 months ago

    If someone can pass at white and they don’t want to be treated badly for being black, hey go ahead and pass. I’ll never out anyone passing either.

  43. Kelly Brown 4 months ago

    In Louisiana "One Drop" black blood meant the entire FAMILY was considered "colored". So, the Mother could have been 14/16ths WHITE and STILL considered "Black"

  44. Chrissy Stoughton 4 months ago

    This is so stupid. This is the same thing that happened in my family with my grandfather, this is nothing new, and is actually stupid that she wrote a book about it. If you look in the past of most Americans I can say we probably all have a multiracial background. So what, big deal. I'm white, and I'm also a decedent of slaves. So, to me, this is nothing new. Oh, and also, my ancestress was set free from VA
    , and traveled to Ohio as well. Who knows maybe this women and I have a connection.

  45. Tati harem 4 months ago

    Most Hispanics will test for a small percentage of black. Only in America 15% of black blood matters so much. I see it as way to divide. It is said that a large percentage of white people are not 100% white. I’m so glad these times are disappearing, slowly but surely

  46. Ericka Fuentes 4 months ago

    I met a guy who had a baby with a German woman he was very dark and ahe was light and that baby look white but with his facial features

  47. Cher0kee 4 months ago

    Wow, "don't tell anyone until after I die." That's some ish. I'll never forget my Grandma telling me a story about her father. He passed as "white", and he got special treatment. That side of the family has green and blue eyes. Any way, this is a prime example why folks shouldn't be so racist. Don't judge a book by its cover. #LouisanaRoots

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