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  1. rhianna lol 2 weeks ago

    Humble should be in goth rock foreverrr

  2. Chloe Carter 2 weeks ago

    ariana needs to make humble in goth rock so i can add that to the top of my playlist and put that tune on repeat because i’m living for it and need a full version

  3. michaeltalks luke 2 weeks ago

    1:43 im crying

  4. Paris Mooney 2 weeks ago

    I love her

  5. Kayla Carpenter 2 weeks ago

    Aaaw. What a dollbaby!!!

  6. Music Silme 2 weeks ago

    Jimmy u need singing lessons

  7. Pally Crawler 2 weeks ago

    I wanna fuck her, tuff!!!

  8. VlogsByAbbs 2 weeks ago

    0:18 ari’s strap on her dress started to fall #didjanotice

  9. Coral Moselle 2 weeks ago

    She has the perfect voice for goth rock wtf

  10. Amelia’s Melodies 2 weeks ago

    Humble goth rock was amazing! 💕💕

  11. Dawn Franson 2 weeks ago

    You are cool

  12. Ayesha Ejaz 2 weeks ago

    Why is arianna’s dress so short:/

  13. Mar Haley 2 weeks ago

    Her voice is insane!!!!! Wow!

  14. Catarina Martins 2 weeks ago

    why dont i have this in my country ;-;

  15. Toriann Hall 2 weeks ago

    I love u Ariana Grande please reply I love u so much

  16. tre14321 2 weeks ago

    Those musicians are miracle workers

  17. Melissa M 2 weeks ago

    love how they try to make it seem like they never practiced this lmao ariana KILLED iT

  18. Queen Bee 2 weeks ago

    Who else misses Cat Valentine

  19. Kay Styles 2 weeks ago

    Ariana’s Evanescence impression actually wasn’t that bad

  20. Michi The cat 2 weeks ago

    1:44 I dident know Ariane was a rapper and a gangster Ariane if you read this comment I am so sorry

  21. Pukar Subedi 2 weeks ago

    Why does she look like a midget lmao

  22. chelsea rodebaugh 2 weeks ago


  23. chelsea vanvield 2 weeks ago

    I need Ariana's version of gods plan. Like now.

  24. Teddy ThePuppy 2 weeks ago

    Ariana's dress is to weird

  25. Teddy ThePuppy 2 weeks ago

    And short

  26. Nathaniel Owenn 2 weeks ago

    Humble Goth Is great😍

  27. cowsrock1q 2 weeks ago

    Could seriously watch her sing ALL day different impressions and songs

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