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  1. George Meucci 4 months ago

    i’m gonna go get the real androids right now mmmbyeeeee

  2. gede yogamahendra 4 months ago

    18 is cute….thank god you cast a real girl for the part and not one of you guys in costume

  3. Riddle MASTER 4 months ago

    "Its me Bitch"

  4. Carlos Maisa 4 months ago

    This is not 5 min

  5. Eren Bombastic 4 months ago

    I can't tell if it is badly or greatly made

  6. Eren Bombastic 4 months ago

    Still a better love story then twilight

  7. TheSharkshaw 4 months ago

    Where's buu saga

  8. Rik Thunder 4 months ago

    This looks like it was really fun and hard to make! 😀

  9. Brain Juice 4 months ago

    That wasn’t even 5 mins

  10. Doctor Wrecks 4 months ago

    this is the greatest pile of hot garbage i have ever seen, and i need more.

  11. Whats the video at 2:10 ?

  12. Gibran Otway 4 months ago

    Best parody ever!

  13. John Lao 4 months ago

    Mmm yeah, not bad. 👏 👏 👏

  14. Krow132 4 months ago


  15. PENGUIN_ LEGEND 4 months ago

    7:58 had me crying😂😂

  16. Eric Harris 4 months ago

    Piccolo is just perfect <3

  17. Cirkuit Knight 4 months ago

    Finally watched a recommendation from YouTube. Did not disappoint. This totally reminded me of early Day Adult Swim and mostly late 90s early 2000s MTV for some reason. Love how u made all the cell variations. Nice job

  18. Yuan Zhou 4 months ago

    Much better than dragon ball evolution

  19. Sans The skeleton 4 months ago

    I fuckin died

  20. Jeremy W 4 months ago

    I will not be absorbed! Oh no I'm being absorbed!

  21. Bintrux1 4 months ago

    Still better than Db evolution.

  22. Nilda Campos 4 months ago

    Nice Cell

  23. MRGTRB26 4 months ago

    LOL @ the completionist

  24. Bruce 4 months ago

    I look forward to seeing the Buu saga in 3 years

  25. Caçador X 4 months ago

    Melhor que Dragon Ball Evolution kkk

  26. Otaku Forever 4 months ago
  27. SaiyanSam 4 months ago

    “Guys guys! There’s someone even worse named Cell he’s stronger than all of us-“

  28. Lil D3luzzion 4 months ago


  29. sansprime 34 4 months ago

    Really now we perfect ninnga over here?😂😂😂

  30. mgawsmestevan 4 months ago

    Amazing and pretty much accurate! Lol

  31. Three Eighty-Six 4 months ago

    I mean, pretty much.

  32. Shy guy Clubs 4 months ago

    DBZ is so long because they slow down time for you really REALLY FAST

  33. Gavin Harbour 4 months ago


  34. SynerG4ce 4 months ago


  35. CrysstalBeauty 4 months ago

    anyone think cell looks like turbomans enemy

  36. deku midoriya 4 months ago

    Piccolo tho

  37. deku midoriya 4 months ago

    Krillin bruh everyone tho

  38. TopAnimeLoverEver 4 months ago

    18 is a fucking MOOD.
    (I love ALL the costumes but Picolo's just slays me. Like. It just. I can't even with words. The EYEHOLES. Good lord.)
    This entire thing is golden. I love it so much where has this been my whole life?
    I must show this to everyone now.

  39. Gucci Lekogo 4 months ago

    Those sound effects doe lmao 😂

  40. Raf M 4 months ago

    Nice to see no fancy, animated effects for a change.

  41. Dragon Ball Universe 4 months ago

    Cell came from the future that was destroyed?

  42. My name is 4 months ago

    My review for this video:

    Music 10/10
    Acting 10000/10
    Customs 10/10
    Effects 10/10

  43. SHRESTHA UTSAB 5C24 4 months ago

    LOL XD!!!!!

  44. LittleTinyNoam 4 months ago

    So accurate

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