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  1. Gery A 8 months ago

    I don’t pay for college. It’s an investment form me.

  2. Gery A 8 months ago

    “I don’t need college. College is useless.” Proceeds to put money in cash register at KFC.

  3. Austin Pasquarelli 8 months ago

    Apprentiship structures should be the system.

  4. paul graystone 8 months ago

    at least it keeps the unemployment numbers down LoL

  5. Dragonvalec 8 months ago

    This is an interesting debate, but tell me this…What are people supposed to do if they don't go to college? Are we expected to accept the status quo and live a "mediocre" lifestyle? The rich will always become richer. Colleges will not stop this vicious cycle because there is too much money to be made. This professor can preach about how college is a scam, but what would happen if people stopped going to college and protested the high tuition costs? I guarantee he would be the first one to demand to keep his job and luxurious pay.

  6. antwan andreson 8 months ago

    educational inflation a real bitch

  7. Angels Unite 8 months ago

    Soon ALL Degrees Will Become Useless Paper.

    You've Been Taught Nothing But Lies.

    Only People With The Highest Degrees Will Be Angry When They Find This Out.

  8. haayitsShanaynay 8 months ago

    Stossel for prez

  9. In30ee 8 months ago

    We live in an economic and financial cast system. Static information being sold at diploma mills is overpriced, and quickly forgotten. Many of the jobs that previously didn't require a college degree now do. College education is a filter. However, as technological unemployment marches on exponentially, a college degree is not as relevant. Education should be free. That way everyone can learn and a merit based economy would emerge. As it stands now education is overpriced. Expensive books and sore shoulders can be replaced with a tablet and a library of books could be stored in the tablet. Professors need not teach 30 students in an hour. Professors could remotely teach hundreds or thousands. Instead of a fancy campus, congested parking, and expensive tuition, a free online degree, that is recognized by all institutions are legitimate, should be available. Instead we have overpriced static data, regurgitated test taking on details soon forgotten. Student debt has now out paced consumer credit card debt nationwide. Unlike credit card debt for physical good or services, we now have low paying jobs with high cost, non-dischargeable debt. Now, since employers can be picky, they'd rather require the help to have a college degree where none is truly required for the job. This pushes non-college educated applicants out of the eligible list. College administrators and professors make an obscene amount of income relative to the "work" they do. The educational system is not only broken, it's overdue for disruption. Follow the money, because as feudal serfs one can only imagine who benefits financially from such arrangements. Information wants to be free and technology is inherently deflationary. There is no excuse but for tradition that our current system continues to enforce this educational cast system.

  10. RageAgainstRustyCage 8 months ago

    I have a great job, but decided to look into a future in the medical field… turned out, I would've easily qualified for the huge debt…(duh, govt loan? everyone qualifies, right?)…
    So, before I completed the application, I explored online, the careers, Wage rates being offered… Damn good thing I did!!! I would've taken a Pay Cut, as well!!! Wow. Seems like the market has been flooded with grad students, which naturally lowers the Wage Earnings, stupid. Hmm, maybe that's why I can go to any medical or dental office and see lots of personnel doing nothing, and I get a huge bill for nothing but a doctor's note…
    Please, don't overanalyze that, lol…

  11. Casey P 8 months ago

    John Stossel speak the truth

  12. theivory1 8 months ago

    Not going to waste my time listening to this. Just came to say that if I had not gone back to school when I was 26 then I would still be painting, we would be poor, and I probably would never have had my third and fourth child. So, f off.

  13. Randy Welsh 8 months ago

    Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism

  14. Alex Arias 8 months ago

    Social Justice is ruining, not just society, but the colleges and the rest of the world.
    Women's Studies?
    That don't mean shit unless you're studying to be doctor, studying the human body.

  15. Skybaby Nine 8 months ago

    The 1 percenters only want their kids to go to college. They bought this ad. Everyone else can be their ignorant servants.

  16. Brad R. Pickens 8 months ago

    agreed Wish I didn’t get my BS in BS

  17. Felix Baum 8 months ago

    Sending my daughter to college in Europe to study business and economics. No money out of pocket for tuition, excellent life experience. Personally, I emphasize education and life experience over actual degrees….Life long learning is a staple of my family's life. But a well traveled well educated young woman is going to have a better life than her friend who stays at home and gets a U.S. high school grad job.

  18. Algebra Solem 8 months ago

    Why not just learn a trade?

  19. Jason H 8 months ago

    Still waiting for the scam? Most college classes aren't how they portray it. Most jobs need a degree to get and excel in. If you choose a shity class that has no value then you get what you get. There's a bunch of debt that comes with it. That price isn't all free. Idiots

  20. Heriberto Sanchez 8 months ago

    Human resources go for secure, they just ask degres, then they hire.

  21. Eugene Murphy 8 months ago

    Donald Trump has no education and he's the President… The man can barely form an intelligent sentence. If he can do it then YOU can do it. You just gotta be Orange and have a lot of money to pay and or cheat your way through any and all obstacles.

  22. Dicky Ball 8 months ago

    George Carlin is absolutely correct. The education in this country SUCKS and the elites want it that way, a slave class. Three quarters of the courses taken are rarely applied to real world applications. The ruling (royals) class desires to keep the masses suppressed, distracted and dumbed down. They want obedient employees that are just smart enough to run the machines but too deficient in critical thinking skills, true capitalism, sophisticated investing, venture capitalism, questioning said authority, performing due diligence, finding a mentor, reading numbers, learning the finer distinctions in life, financial literacy, the language of applicable commerce for said discipline, financial intelligence, investing for capital gains and cash flow, working to learn, making your money work for you, possessing safety nets in the wake of unforseen circumstances, growing capital and investing in themselves. College is a unwarranted stepping stone for medical school or law school. Glad I invested in my person and in my financial education. Nobody else will. Personal responsibility and do for self or continue being a slave to money, bicameral simpletons.

  23. Dicky Ball 8 months ago
  24. drmawo 8 months ago

    2:31 rest-a-rent

  25. butthurt8 8 months ago

    Colleges are the place to be indoctrinated.

  26. 245194LAC 8 months ago

    College is first and foremost, a money machine not unlike Wal-Mart and General Motors. Not everyone should go to college.

  27. atwaterpub 8 months ago

    America is a prison.

  28. skipstalforce 8 months ago

    All a liberal arts degree really says about you is that you are easily manipulated.

  29. bjusticeforever 8 months ago

    Totally agree with Stossel (as usual.) College is far overrated now. I've hired grads who were dumber than a box of rocks. You're paying for that stupid piece of paper. My oldest son is in college for electrical engineering; he struggled a bit with Calculus, but LOVES the computer programming courses. It has NOT been fun-and-games for him, definitely no pools or rock-climbing.
    I remember Gallagher (the comedian) joking about his college degree in English Literature. He laughed about it, "What are you gonna do with that? If you don't teach, what are you gonna do, open up a Poem Repair?"
    My middle son will graduate from a trade school in a year; Electrical Power & Control. The teachers talk to the students frequently about how the school in partially funded by the companies that will be hiring them. They also tell the students that they will be making RIDICULOUS amounts of money if they are willing to put in some long hours (some of the grads make +$100K, but work all the time.)

  30. Ray Finkle 8 months ago

    Become licensed in a trade, take some business classes and save your money. You could own your own company by the time you’re 30. Put the hay in the barn in your 30’s and 40’s and you’re on easy street until you kick the bucket.

  31. gary smallwood 8 months ago

    I have a supervisor at a guard company that has a masters degree that the position only requires military and a high school education.

  32. Steve Jones 8 months ago

    Many jobs REQUIRE a college degree, along with a continuing education to renew their respective required licences. Teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers and accountants just to name a few. However, traditional 4 year college is not for everyone. Judge Smails had it right when he said "the world needs ditch diggers too."

  33. MegaDoug4 8 months ago

    I went to culinary school. Looking back after 25+ years, I wouldn't have.

  34. Filip Koula 8 months ago

    That was awesome

  35. Jubo Ism 8 months ago

    Self education is the highest form of education. Understanding that we know less than we don't, and pushing yourself to decrease the amount of your own ignorance is what teaches you to take education into your own hands. A third party in-between fact and individual, leads to a skewing of those facts.

  36. Johnny boi Supreme 8 months ago

    College needs only to be as accessible as it is when tuition isn't inflated. Universities would be a lot more accessible at lower prices if they expected more from teachers, and schools didn't put money towards ridiculous expenses that a lot of students don't benefit from (sports programs). The most obvious solution from an economic standpoint is to reduce subsidies and significantly alter the way money is given to education institutions.

    If we're going to be subsidizing higher education at all there needs to be something done to address the price response to subsidies. Perhaps students need to form consumer associations that negotiate contracts with schools which would involve covenants about how the school could use a student's money. Perhaps schools need to be more transparent about how they spend and how they could improve their efficiency. That way people know quantitatively what they're getting per dollar. We can't be rewarding inefficiency. If there is no incentive to economize self interested parties will not economize. This is why we have a student debt crisis.

    I'm sure if you dug deep enough you can find everything on a school's financials but it's not easy. I've looked at "budget reports" published on my school's website and they didn't have anything useful. They talked the sports program and dropped out of context figures here and there.

    Also, I don't buy into the idea that employers shouldn't want applicants to have degrees. Why is it bad that nobody would have a leg up over others if others everyone was college educated. That still leaves the work force more qualified than before, which you would want because lower skilled tasks could conceivably be automated in the foreseeable future. However, qualifications might also be attained in other ways (ie apprenticeship).

  37. David Shore 8 months ago

    I applied at a sheetmetal union apprenticeship. After hearing I would also be working in the field while learning, this was better than just going to a college where I won't be in the field til close to completion.
    My advice : skip the traditional college route, unless you can get with a union or organization where you can apply immediately what you are learning.

  38. dangator97 7 months ago

    I am a small biz owner of two different businesses…I hope my two kids go into a service based industry…like being a plumber or electrician or own a HVAC business…instead of going to college. I have two bachelors' degrees and they helped me..but the cost/benefit in today's society just isn't there for the great majority of jobs.

  39. OutOfTheBoxThinker 7 months ago

    If you subsidize your education and tuition still costs $15,000, you're definitely doing something wrong.
    Many European countries a public college education at a fraction of that cost, with a quality similar to or better than that of American colleges.
    If they can do it, so can America!

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